Monday, June 21, 2010

Good morning!!

Hello all! Not much to say, but here's a few sketches:

Was watching Princess Bride last night - people paused the movie though because a friend needed to get picked up so this was the result of that pause:

I'm really not that great at drawing realistically, but I'm getting better :)

Strange Bedfellows Chapter Two is coming along good, though I tend to work on a whole bunch of pages at once and finish a whole bunch of pages at the same time as a result. I've got up to page 6 mostly drawn out and somewhat inked ^^;

Oh yes, I'm attending Animinitime in Moncton, NB, this July 17th: I'll be in Artist Alley, giving away free preview books of Chapter One. I was debating printing up Chapter One on its own, but I might wait until I have more of the comic done before going to print.

And for your amusement, I'll leave you with Gimli and Leggie in the Fangorn Forest:


  1. I love that Gimli and Leggie comic! <3

  2. Me too, even though it's old and drawn bad ^^